Protect Yourself! Labor dispute at the Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood

This website is a service for meeting and convention planners and all other travelers who need to be aware of labor disputes before they plan their events and vacations.

Diplomat Beach resort has a union contract that expired on July 31st 2017, making them part of an active labor dispute. An active labor dispute may entail picket lines, strikes, walkouts and other activities that can cause disruption to your event or stay. It may negatively impact the conference-goer’s experience and may affect attendance of events or cause scheduled speakers to cancel.

About the dispute:

This contract covers over 700 workers at the Diplomat who have served visitors to South Florida for years, and are disappointed at the way this hotel has responded to worker concerns and demands.

As the cost of living in South Florida becomes more and more difficult to reach, workers are seeking a wage they can live on, healthcare for their families, and a commitment to hire and train local residents.

South Florida is a destination region, and most travelers expect a certain standard from their hotels. The Diplomat Beach Resort is an iconic South Florida hotel that represent the luxurious, high-class elegance that brings tourists to our region. Unfortunately, this same hotel has been unable to reach a settlement with the very workers that make its success possible every single day.

UNITE HERE Local 355 represents several thousand workers in South Florida. We are the housekeepers, maintenance workers, bartenders, and banquet servers who bring your travel experience to life. Our union contracts allow workers to access high quality, affordable healthcare, and higher wages.